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Football Results are Not Always The Same | How?

Simply keeping a record of how each of the hundreds of tips we make actually performs against the eventual result is not enough, what we need now is a way of analyzing that data and grouping it logically to get the best from it. Football Results are not always the same, in other words, a tip that shows one possible outcome for match A and the same possible outcome for match B will not necessarily produce the same football ผลบอล Siam Score.

Win Predictions

Looking across all the home win football predictions in a single league will give us a percentage success rate for home wins for that particular league, but we can improve on this even further. We can do this by doing the exact same exercise across many different leagues and obtaining a percentage success rate for each league.

This means we can now look for the football league which produces the best overall home win prediction success rate and looks for home win predictions for the coming fixtures. By default, we know that that league is more likely to produce a successful outcome for a home prediction than any other. Of course, we can employ this technique for away win and draw predictions as well.

How Tight Is The League?

Why does this difference between the football leagues occur? As with trying to predict the outcome of a single match, there are many factors that make up this phenomenon, but there are just a few major factors that influence why one league should produce more home wins through a season than another. The most obvious of these could be described as the tightness of the league. What do I mean by 'tightness'?

We Have To Be Consistent

Of course, there is more to it than that. It's no good just taking each tip and recording how it performed we have to apply the same rules to each and every tip made. You have to make sure that the parameters you set for each predictive method you use. So choose your best settings for each method and stick to them for each and every prediction, for every league, and for the whole season. You must do this in order to retain the consistency of predictions within leagues, between leagues, and over time. There is nothing stopping you from using several different sets of parameters as long as you keep the data produced from each separate.

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